Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Wrong said Fred" : how two guys named Fred killed more people than Hitler

Soon to be a blockbuster movie --- or a few more years off ?

I have said before, "just what is it about the sight of smoke that makes certain rigid personality types go so absolutely snakey ?"

(You know : all those serial deniers of Holocaust smoke, acid rain, cigarette smoke, ozone holes, global warming ,industrial pollution, on and on and on.)

I have to come think that it is because, in even in their cases where they have spent a lifetime successfully and rigidly throttled all conscious thought of their individual guilt, smoke is "sin made all too visible".

Ie, it functions as a kind of  industrial stigmata , that severely threatens their normally secure sense of selfness in ways they can't handle - so they lash out in all directions.....

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