Friday, July 13, 2012

Before 1989 : RED tape impedes Greed. After 1989 : GREEN tape impedes Greed.

Grandpa, what was "RED-tape" ?

Remember yesterday's truths, the good old verities of life divided into left and right?

RED-tapes under the bed ; better dead than RED-tape ?

But that is soooooooo yesterday : like Democrat & Republican or Labour & Conservative.

Now it is GREEN-tape holding up Progress and it is GREEN-tape impeding greed.

What is left of the old left has joined what remains of the old right in agreeing that progress is good and growing an ever bigger economy is even better - arguing only over the details, sotto voce (a very quiet shout out to Darrell Dexter !)

The green Fifth Column

Now only one Fifth Column stands in their way : those anti-progressive green-clad climate worriers among their wives and children.

Ungrateful brood ! Can't they see how their GREEN-tape is entangling Daddy's schemes for making the family secure as the economy chills down and the climate warms up ?

Again - and ever again - I think the coining of this term GREEN-tape is a good thing for the green climate movement - first some must openly fear us before the majority deign to take our arguments seriously.......

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