Sunday, July 15, 2012

Deniers can turn - on a dime - the case of SOLON LOW

Mormons vs Jews

Solon Low was the long time leader of Canada's Social Credit Party --- by far the most successful branch of that party in the world.

He and the bulk of the party came from Alberta - whose dominant leaven of immigrants (in the Hartzian sense of the word) were American libertarians and Mormons.

So Alberta was born redneck and if anything, has mellowed in recent years.

Low and his party were successful by appealing to the deniers of their day ; those who denied that Jews were widely discriminated against.

They denied that fact totally and indeed claimed it was Protestants who were discriminated against by a worldwide secret conspiracy of Jewish global bankers and  Jewish global communists.


But deniers can change - few as abruptly as Solon Low though.

Suddenly , in the aftermath of the Suez Crisis, he stopped all his violent anti-Jewish rhetoric and began equally violently accusing the Canadian mainstream parties of being anti-Isreal !

Low was but one of millions of right wingers who did a volte-face in their lifetime on the subject of Jews -- though few as dramatically as him......

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