Monday, July 2, 2012

Supreme Court rules: you have to be stupid to vote Republican, as 400,000 plan move to Canada to 'avoid socialized medicine'

Buzzfeed tracks the stuff going viral on the Net and it reports hundreds of thousands of Facebook "likes" and Twitter tweets on the idea that Republican Americans should head to Canada to "avoid the Democrats ' socialized medicine".

And if Republicans want to get away from Democratic Socialist governments as well, why don't they come to Manitoba and Nova Scotia, Canada in particular. They'd be safe here ---- at least in Nova Scotia.

I take all this as a tenor of the Republican thought processes as they ponder, over a dry martini what to do - if anything - about the world outside their gated compounds going to hell in a very hot hand basket thanks to too much CO2 pollution in our skies.

What ever happened to the Grand Old party .....

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