Monday, July 2, 2012

the Wild West of the climate wars: miners versus farmers

Think back to all those western movies of our youth : and envision today's climate deniers as the mining barons back then with today's climate renewers as the farmer settlers.

Farmers husband their soil , 'renewing' it and they expect to have at least a dozen generations of family occupying the family farm.

In a word, they settle - they commit to something and stick with it, fight hard to keep it alive forever.

Today's farm is Earth 1.0 : for the renewers, it is Life's only known foxhole in a hostile universe, and only "if you know a better 'ole , should you go to it" is their attitude to talk of Mars colonies if the Earth bellyflops.

Renewable energy will let them farm this piece of ground forever : hence 'renewers' .

By contrast, the deniers have staked their future on non-renewable energy. And at first blush, that sounds impossible : perpetual (future) supplies of something that is non-renewable and hence by definition  destined to run out ?

But not to the prospecting mind: they deny all thought of any resource really running out.

They do the running out and running away.

To a denier,  a nonrenewable only runs out in England - and then in Boston - then Kansas - then California and then China ,then Kuwait and then Nigeria and then ??????

Then Mars and then Venus and then Jupiter and then the Stars and the next Galaxy : ever onward.

Eternally cutting and running ; externally raping and running away but without ever running out of non-renewable/ non-recyclable minerals and fuels.

The opposite of commitment to a home, a farm, a family.

Eternal male teenagers,in other words, always fancy free and foot loose.

Once the Earth is mined out for its hydrocarbons, "who cares about CO2 in the air - that's no different than waste tailings in rivers and streams , now is it ?"

Denier-watchers are wasting jaw muscles thinking that once these denier fellers realize the earth is in real danger, they will cut back use of hydrocarbons.

Nonsense, they'll use them up all the quicker, once they realize the whole shooting match is in the pooper : de-investing in The Earth Project and moving up investment schedules for The Mars project.

Instead of telling these people that The Earth Project is in trouble, we should be taking them on to demonstrate The Mars project is in trouble.

That might just be more fruitful......

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