Saturday, July 28, 2012

climate denial scam : COMMUNIST oil barons secretly funding LIBERTARIAN think tank bureaucrats ?

Russia economy has by far the most to lose if world rejects CLIMATE DENIAL ...

Because fatcat think tank bureaucrats only want others, never themselves, to display  "transparency in governance" , we will never know the true originators of all the money laundered into the libertarian think tanks that most stridently deny climate change.

But whether via tax-free Cayman Islands or secret Swiss bank accounts, money can weave a long, hidden, trail between the first giver and the last spender.

But no economy in the world would be as heavily hit - with dire, perhaps fatal, consequences for its rulers - than Russia if the world reduces hydrocarbon use.

It is the top producer of oil and top exporter, eighth in oil reserves.  Russia is second  in coal reserves. First in natural gas reserves and top gas exporter. 

And it wastes energy like nobody's business -third biggest energy user in the world.

Russia fails to export much services and in fact fails to export much goods, nothing at all equal to its export of these raw materials.

Russians have no plan B - unlike for example in countries like Canada or America who can up non-raw-material exports, by currency devaluation, if hydrocarbon sales fell.

In my opinion, the battle over climate change will be won or lost in just four countries : The Gang of Four Anglo Saxons : America, Australia, Canada and Britain, in that order of importance.

Russia needs to have its own pony in this race,  but can't publicly tip its hand since the most strident climate deniers are also the most strident Russia haters.

But no organization - not even the KGB , is half as secretive as the many strident advocacy libertarian think tanks that led the climate denial scam ----- at great profit to themselves.

I can imagine the Russian communist oil barons' grim satisfaction thinking that it is their petro-roubles that are funding their erstwhile arch-enemies, the American libertarians, in their mutual battle to deny climate change .

As my fellow Hungarian, Alanis , likes to sing : " isn't it ironic...."

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