Sunday, July 15, 2012

Human Exceptionalists versus CASSE is the new "ballot question" in all future elections

Denying limits is the Kool Aid of Denial

Denying that humans must face the same biological and material restraints as all other lifeforms , is the hallmark of the climate denier and of the libertarian.

They call it "human exceptionalism" - extending to all humans the virtue they once thought only belonged to Americans.

Like skygods, they live in a plane (neat pun, yes ?) well above Nature and its material limits.

Human willpower will inevitably triumph material limits : "mind over matter".

CASSE disputes the CATO's Room 101

Herman Daly has promoted the idea of a steady state economy for decades.

He and his supporters (count me as one) argue that a world with a steady number of people consuming a steady (not ever growing) amount of the world's resources can just about manage to keep human civilization afloat for a few more generations.

His organization is known as CASSE --- think of it as the Matter to the Cato Institute's Anti-Matter ( another clever pun, no ?)

 CASSE as a sort of Earthling Central versus CATO as Skygod Central.

If we got rid of all the parties - including the Greens - and had Cato vs CASSE duke it out for our votes, we might have both a more interesting election AND truly an earth-settling election.

Doom on one side - Hope on the other....

Now, please sign the CASSE Petition  ! *

* And a hat tip to Brian Czech for telling us all about the progress this steady steady idea is making among even the "limitless-growth-is-a-law-of-nature" economists.

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