Sunday, July 15, 2012

Worldwide re-alignment of parties and voters underway

Successful parties with no membership to speak of.

Many of today's most successful parties - like the Australian Labour Party -  are a mile wide and an inch deep.

This party is but a house of cards - many of its branches have almost no members but still collectively elect a Labour member, as they have unbrokenly for over a hundred years.

Read Rodney Cavalier's POWER CRISIS  read it , and if you are still part of the same-old-same-old left wing (why?) ---- weep.

It and its equally ancient rival, the Liberals, pretend to exchange blows on issues fought over since before the start of the 20th century, but when it gets down to it both are quite content to advise their voters to vote for each other, rather than for their dreaded common enemy - the GREENS.

Meme of the Day : Human Exceptionalism

I can easily foresee a new political alignment in Australia over the issue : for or against Human Exceptionalism --- indeed, in all the world's democracies.

We all know that Americans like to claim that they are an exception to every restraint that afflicts other human societies.

Now, in an inflationary move, many people on both the outdated right and the outdated left, are claiming that every bit of humanity is an exception to the material and biological restraints that limit all other life on Earth.

The human mind and will triumphing over mere matter - or lack there of.

Call these people yesterday's skygods -- I doubt they ever will.

Their opponents do see that human life faces the same restraints that all other life has always faced - our brains give us a double-edged sword - the smarts to do things better than plants or animals - and the greed that never lets us stop when we should.

These are today's earthlings: committed to seeing humanity as deeply embedded within the web of life, dining at a common table ( aka global commensalists) on the only lifeboat life has in this universe.

I see every election in twenty years coming down to a referendum on Human Exceptionalism, disguised or overtly.....

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