Thursday, July 12, 2012

GREEN, hopefully not around the ears ...

renewing my GREEN card

Well, I renewed my membership in Canada's (national)  Green Party.

Once extremely active nationally and provincially: organizer, candidate, donor, you name it , today I limit myself to voting and attending rallies, maybe putting up an election sign and offering a small donation.

I guess the reasons for my withdrawal match the reasons why I started up this blog ; they occurred at the same time and for the same reasons.

I felt that the greens worldwide hadn't really explained the reasons why people didn't vote for them in any sense except to blame a lack of electoral effort.

Ie, a little bit more elbow grease on the doorsteps and better ads on the internet and "they" will see life "our" way.

I didn't buy that as the main reason and so for a number of years, I have been reading and thinking, thinking and reading, trying to find the deeper reasons for the greens being ignored.

God bless the DENIERS

The denier movement has been a great help in focusing the answer: because they, at least, take us seriously.

They make it very clear why they dislike us and what they like better.

For in this supposedly post-modern age, modernity still thrives. We are definitely in a post-hegemony age , the old shattered hegemony was Modernity.

We now see two parallel hegemonies : one modernist and one post modernist/green/alternative/counter cultural/globally commensalist etc.

I call the deniers vs the greens, metaphorically, skygods vs earthlings, because I think its exaggerations better highlight just where we and they stand on the new , post-1989 , Global divide.....

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