Monday, July 16, 2012

Aussie papers ask "Would you let your daughter marry a Green - they drink the blood of children you know"

"Earned Media", by the tonne, for Aussie greens

If a political party sells its soul to the rich and greedy, it can afford to obtain lots of "paid media" , by buying newspaper ads.

If the newspapers talk about your party without you paying for it, then it is called "earned media" .

Normally Green parties worldwide can't get either form of media.

But not for the Australia Greens for last few weeks - or for a few weeks more apparently.

It has been a two party punch-up on the Greens - the Labor party has teamed up with the Coalition-supporting daily media to go at the Greens on every possible point around the compass.

Far more extreme than the Communists, far more loonie than the Tea Party seems the thrust of the hundreds of articles against the Greens.

Millions of Australians are waking up, drinking coffee and reading papers and listening to radio and TV and learning for the very first time that the Greens are one of the serious parties - serious as in "feared".

I think the Coalition and Labor are going to regret this punch-up :
parties that are joked about or ignored, go no where.

Parties feared by the rich and powerful tend to be seen potential governments-in-waiting by the resentful non-rich and the non-powerful.

And there are lots of them about ......

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