Thursday, August 16, 2012

"You're an absolute disgrace (A. "Nasty") Abbott", says indie MP in blistering attack video

Tony -arsing about
Watching the Deniers has the link to the story and video and it is priceless !

Enjoy watching Indie MP for New England, Australia (Tony Windsor)  let go a blast at Tony Abbott, leader of the Libertarian-Liberals and leader of Australia's Official Opposition.

Warning : the un-parliamentary term ," arse ", was used in reference to the Honourable Abbott.

Windsor claimed that during the long drawn-out negotiations after the last election produced a hung parliament, Abbott promised that his carbon-reducing policies would have different mechanisms but would be no different in effect than those of the now-ruling Labour-Green government.

Abbott willing to go "warmist" even, if only it would make him PM....

That Abbott always said he would say and do anything warmist, just as long as he could be PM, please, please, please.

But his ambition was sooo very naked , none of the Indies in the Canberra House trusted Abbott's claim that he really would bring in some form of carbon reducing measure, if made PM.....

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