Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Film review : "WILD BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD" a must-see global warming parable

Could Quvenzhane Wallis, only six at the time of the film shooting, become the youngest person ever to win an Academy Award as best actress, for her starring roles as Hushpuppy in the new indie film, "Wild Beasts of the Southern Wild" ?

A lot of film critics are beginning to speculate the possibility.

The film is like nothing you have ever seen before  - a sort of cross between the famous poetic docufiction Louisiana Story by Leacock and Flaherty and Yeats' equally famous anti-modernist poem , The Second Coming.

Only this time, the " vexed, rough beast " slouching to the Gulf of Mexico is the auroch , the large fearfully-horned ancestor of today's cattle, driven into extinction in the 17th century by man's greed.

In the film they are supposedly frozen into the ice of the last Ice Age, only to be awaken when man's new Global Warming Age melts the ice caps.

A poetic time capsule about a soon to be drowned real-life community

The film about the fictional community of Bathtub, as seen through the eyes of a very young and independent girl , is a poetic, magic realism take on the first - real - community in America fated to disappear through Man's destructive efforts.

 Isle de Jean Charles is being steadily washed away by man made levees , canals and global warming's rising waters: a football field sized area every hour.

Its mixed race Indian tribe residents are being ignored by their governments ; hopefully this film will change that to something half way better - even if it is too late to reverse the rising sea....

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