Friday, August 24, 2012

TEA PARTY + RED BUTTON = BOOM ! amber alert on FULL MOON Republicans

FULL MOON = Armegeddon !
After Nov 6,  Paulie-Ayn Rand, VP choice of the FULL MOON REPUBLICANS , will be only one heartbeat away from having his finger on that all-important RED BUTTON, and that is giving a lot of life-long moderate Republicans serious pause.

Enough for many to start thinking of re-registering themselves as Independents and to start thinking of sitting out this Fall's Presidential election.

LUNAR forces take over GOP

Their Grand Old Party, once the home of Lincoln and Taft, seems to have been taken over by a lot of trailer-trashing ,Tea Party boozing,  lunar-based conspiracy freaks.

Lubbock fermenting civil war ; Missouri legitimizing rape --- what on Earth ( or on the Moon ?) has happened to their GOP .........

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