Saturday, August 11, 2012

In Andrea Saul's pliant hands , Romney denies climate like, er, an EXXON flack

Perhaps as a condition for seeing bribe-sized donations go to his fellow-travelling Super PACS, Willard-the-Wimp has had to accept Andrea Saul , former EXXON flack-in-charge-of-denial ,  as his new press-liaison-thingy.

And so Willard has changed his tune yet again on denying the need for any serious action on human-caused runaway global warming.

Perhaps his day's position on climate denial is pinned by Ms Saul* to the Wimp's underwear, because like his underwear, it does seem to be changed daily.

Better idea, Andrea, is to attach it to one of them there new-fangled wind powered windmills, and then let it change with the wind. if we have alternative energy, why not alternative policy positions too ?

EXXON meets in convention in Tampa at end of August to pick the new President

Ooops ! No more windmill, bosses' orders : Willard has been told, firmly, (as firmly as jello can be told anything) to tell everybody that under his government, wind subsidies are out and subsidies to Exxon, er, Oil are in.

After November, America will be headed by a two person government : Romney will be Denier-in-chief and Andrea will be the de-facto Commander-in-Chief.....

* And a big tip of the hat to DeSmogBlog for spreading the word on Damascus-bound Ms Saul.

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