Sunday, August 12, 2012

The climate deniers' mindset : its not about science but hyper-firing synapses

JAMES, James Bean, er, pole
California-based ( I suppose that alone is excuse enough for most !)  N. Brohm , "Student of  Life and the Universe" , is a typical example of your average climate change conspiracy-theorist , if my reading of endless comment columns gives me any expertise.

I came across N. Brohm, struggling to endure my way through the comments in Amazon, beneath James Delingpole's fresh new take on conspiracy theory.

Delingpole believes it it possible to see dangerous conspiracies in watermelons , instead of the more usual "through the radio" or "under the bed", if only you stare at them long enough.

Rather like staring at the sun, really.

Brohm, of unfixed gender, correctly notes that watermelons are green on the outside but red on the inside.

Watermelons, Brohm goes on and on to say, want to set up a one world government where where you are prescribed how you live. The watermelons have no use for  economics or liberty. They still believe in the "Noble Savage" - can you imagine ?

It went on and on, in a similar disjointed vane, as conspiracy theorists tend to do : both in the sheer length and in the extreme - can we say labile ? - free association jumpiness.

But that last bit - about watermelons opposing liberty and  supporting Noble Savage ideals - stopped me cold.

My blood literally ran cold : I should explain my father spent the better part of his life trying to instill a bit of logical thinking into callow undergraduates, as part of his job as a professor in philosophy.

This why I do not blame our poor Mr or Ms Brohm - the poor dear is just a victim of misguided permissive, relativist, teachers.

My father would have politely asked Brohm to describe their vision of  the idea of Liberty and then to describe their vision of the idea of the Noble Savage.


Then my father would ask the rest of the class if they disagree or not with claims of the vast bulk of History's  sharpest thinkers, who held the Noble Savage to be the purest known example of Absolute Liberty.

Undergraduate Brohm would sink ever lower into the seat throughout all of this,  but would learn a valuable lesson on first running random thoughts through the mind's logic machine before releasing them via the mouth.

This generation of climate change denying conspiracy freaks are the sad result of  the majority of our parents, teachers and media encouraging kids to take up wholesale relativism and new age psycho-babble : the spoiled-rotten "Its All About Me Generation".

Or maybe it isn't permissive 'teaching" ---- maybe it is true : maybe it is all the fluoride they put in the Kool-Aid that the climate denying conspiracy freaks drink.

Climate Debate isn't about Science but about Synapses, mis-firing synapses

Who knows ? I just know that these guys aren't like you and me : my synapses are firing slower and slower these days , but these guys ?

Firing at hyper-warp speed, in overtime.

The only way to end the overly-long climate change debate is not with hockey sticks or  verbal violence but with CAT SCANS.

Bring 'em on : I'll put my brain wiring up against that of  James Delingpole, N. Brohm and all the other ADHD deniers any old time......

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