Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Watching the DENIERS squirm over smear that Rothschilds behind Climate Change

The so called Climate Change "debates" have moved on beyond the science of the question --- way way beyond.

One of the world's leading climate change denying groups, the immodestly title Galileo Movement, with a veritable Who's Who of the world's top climate deniers as its scientific advisors, has recently taken to publicly claiming that the people behind all this climate change talk are Jews-Bent-On-World-Domination.

Oh they didn't put it quite that baldly : since the Holocaust, that has been judged both legally and politically risky.

Dog Whistle phrases, coded phrases all the anti-semites soon learn with a broad wink,wink, hint, hint are what stands in today.

So it is Tightly knot cabals of big banking families with names like Rothschild who are the banksters that will make trillions over carbon trading, the new "fiat" currency and the grease to pave the way to one world government domination.

Shades of Henry Ford's eternally popular fake document, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, lurk behind everyone of those time-worn phrases.

Over 100 years old but, apparently, still going strong as every new generation of paranoid anti-semites comes along.

The Jewish Conspiracy claims were reported without comment by the big newspapers around the world before 1945 - but after that became verboten - until this year.

And in Rupert Murdoch's native Australia, of course - the land that taught Mr Make-It-UP everything he routinely does till this very day.

One of the country's leading paper chains (Fairfax) ran the comments - without addressing them - in all their newspapers throughout the land, giving them the widest popular publicity.

(To be fair as possible - perhaps they did so out of deference to their newest (and fattest) major shareholder, a big fan of some of the more extreme climate denying members of the Galileo Movement.)

"Watching the Deniers" is relentless in pursuit of DENIER distortions

Luckily, just as greed and denial never sleeps, nor do its opponents - never more true than in the case of Mike at the aptly named Australian blog "WATCHING THE DENIERS" , better known to his many fans around the world as WTD .

Mike, a forty something IT specialist from Melbourne, who describes himself as a centre left market oriented independent, has been all over the deniers' doings like a dirty shirt.

The mainstream press ignored the "Climate Change-is-a-Jewish-Plot" allegations - as did, surprisingly, the mainstream Climate Change Believing blogs !

Mike just kept churning out his updates on this story, faster than the deniers could spin their yarn in defence of their statements.

It was all rather like the three authors of  The Federalist Papers overwhelming opponents to ratifying the American Constitution by the sheer volume and speed of their papers in favour of the federalist cause, back in late 18th century America !

It is amazing, considering WTD's ability to build this story on the deniers' smears against Jews, that there is no Wikipedia article on this blog : a hint for someone perhaps ?

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