Thursday, August 2, 2012

If ocean FISH are getting fatal SKIN CANCER , what is thinning ozone doing to us land creatures ?

For the first time, scientists have reported finding ocean fish dying of  deadly skin cancer .

It has long been viewed that it was only the ocean's waters that reduced the impact of intense solar and cosmic energy enough in earliest times to allow Life on Earth, leading our early lifeforms to flourish under water, but not on bare land.

Is our past complacency warranted now, in light of these new findings ?

This finding show the limits to the past's easy assumptions that humanity could always live under the water, if we destroy the atmosphere and so allow future Solar and Cosmic radiation to fry all life living in the air and on the land.

Our atmosphere - from thin top to thick bottom, must be closely monitored and maintained as our best single shield from our world ending up like the hostile Hells that are Mars, Mercury and Venus.....

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