Sunday, August 12, 2012

White Gold Supremacist RON PAUL fights off Black Carbon, Watermelons : The South Gonna Rise Again !

Like too many of his followers, Ron Paul, the world's leading White Gold Supremacist, has a documented history of "issues" with questions of race.

Raised in the American South , he may not even be aware of just where all his followers' hyper-firing synapse connections of random data are leading his movement against "fiat" money.

But clearly many literally do see the world in black and white terms ; more specifically "black versus white" terms.

Apparently it is all the result of a mess of free-floating memes in their over active neurons having collided, producing a nightmare , to them , of a successful conspiracy of black carbon currency against white gold currency, led by dangerous hordes of watermelons.

(As Canadian Liberals are wont to say, "I am not making this up".)

"Invasion of the free-floating synapse memes" 

It all begins to feel like what happens after you watch BIRTH OF A NATION and THE INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, after eating way too many deep-fried crawdaddies way too late at night.

This is the stuff of cultural nightmares - and individual indigestion.

So to the bilious believers of Ron Paul's rantings : take a milk of magnesia and call your doctor in the morning,  if you still think the watermelons in your garden are really plotting world one government domination.....

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