Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lying now almost as common as Not Telling The Truth, U of Western Ontario's new study suggests

Or maybe not. Maybe the study does not suggest that at all ---- maybe it is just all about healthy eggs ------ or maybe it is all about an unhealthy expansion of university PR spin and " Doing Science by Press Conference."

Everyone, please please please trust an email asking for money postmarked Nigeria, before you trust anything a University Public Affairs officer tells you in a press release about the newest gosh-dare wonderful thing coming out their employer's labs.

A shill is a shill is a shill.

Anyway, here more about the whole squalid affair here and here.

But remember : popular science is a process, not an event. Its a big messy, muddy, pool.

The lead scientists, the institutions and friends that support them, their personal opponents  and institutional opponents, the divided press and a divided public all are busy jockeying and elbowing trying to define this science story their way.

So-------when I wrote this blog post, I, too, became part of the whole "Spence & Eggs & Overstating-The-Results"  popular science process .....

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