Saturday, August 11, 2012

ASTRO-TURF is our business (and business is good) : Ethical Oil

astroturfin' fools !
Please , please send your pennies, nickels and dimes to the pay pal donation cup of Ethical Oil.Org  'cause they is poor folk , poor at the poor Conservative party, poor Big Oil and the poor Canadian government: the new Cadillac poor.

Lots and lots of bloggers and newspaper journalists have asked why conceal the highly obvious fact that the key figure behind this poor 'n' green oily effort was actually a top lobbyist for the never-short-for-change tar sands industry.

And oh yes, Stephen Harper, media manipulator extraordinaire , looms like The Wicked Merlin of the West at Dorothy's coming out party, far off in the background.

I kinda prefer my deniers to be evil and smart : not dumber and dumber

The legal paper trail is always, always, always, always how the astroturfers slip up : very surprising in this case because the original three involved in this group were all with law degrees, so you'd think they know better.

I don't mind debating deniers with some brains but when they are as stupid and as arrogant as a-bag-of-nails-with-an-attitude, it really depresses me.

How can I emotionally engage with their science arguments when I  can't get my head around a scheme so transparent that even a first day law clerk won't be dumb enough to fall for it..........

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