Sunday, August 12, 2012

"My Bloody Watermelon" Greens celebrate Lenin's B-day disguised as Earth Day says WATERMELON WATCH

green lennie
Ya can't make lemonade without green Lenins
An Australian politician, who has run for both the House of Representatives and the Senate without making his name public (for reasons of national security),  has discovered that the Greens secretly celebrate Lenin's birthday every year ---- by pretending to be celebrating Earth Day  !!!!

 Late at night on April 22nd, when all good people are in bed or at the casino, the Greens gather in cabals with banksters to drink the blood of little protestant children and plot one world domination.

So alarmed was he by this discovery, that he set up the website "Watermelon Watch" to warn the world that the world domination conspiracy is not just limited to fluoride in your water and vaccination poisons in your arm, but now has extended to the innocent-seeming watermelons at the bottom of your garden.

Red-hot warmists and stone cold dead Lenin : it had to come to this

Innocent-looking indeed ,and armless and legless, they seem harmless enough but in fact - he has it on the best of evidence - are secretly planning bloody revolution together with the dark swarthy forces of the dreaded carbon currency.

All a "WARMIST" plot to have Black carbon take over from White Gold - aided and abetted, naturally, by watermelons.

BIRTH OF A NATION - down under. "Bring on the Klan !"

Be alarmed - very alarmed : the watermelons are everywhere - the radio even - talking right at you .....

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