Monday, August 13, 2012

Newspapers report Global Warming like they did the Holocaust : urge caution, await further confirmation

We didn't report the LAST holocaust either
If you want to be a bystander at a new Holocaust (if you want to be be newspaper editor), there is no need to stretch yourself to penning anything like truly original thoughts.

 Why not just cut and past what past editors at your paper wrote at the first discovery of an intact Nazi death camp , like the infamous Lubin-Majdanek back in the summer of 1944 ?

As today with climate change, most editors then studiously ignored the reports of dozens of senior western reporters.

In this case, the reports of those who personally visited this Soviet-liberated hell-horror in the summer of 1944.

"Let us not jump to conclusions and hasty actions."  "Let us  seek further and further and further confirmation." "We need more - yet more - and more - and more eye witness reports ." "We need more and documented proof."

 Rather like playing out to the bell, in a game of sport, when your team is ahead.

On and on it went - to the end of the war and beyond.

Some still deny, still await further definitive proof, more documents, still seek 110% total certainty.

Sound familiar ?

Delay, delay, delay ; deny, deny, deny.

No wonder  so many Jews ,then and now, felt that the Allies' unspoken wish was that the Nazis would do their dirty work for them (if only the newspaper editors could be relied upon to stall the story getting wide - and angry - coverage, until it was far far too late.)

And we know how well the press did do its (non) job.

Fortunately, none of those publishers, editors or reporters has been allowed to sleep easy in their graves on this one.

Thousands of otherwise fine people are remembered only today for "Blowing the Big One" .

No "ongoing news peg" has been so thoroughly studied and dissected from all angles, day by day, in all papers, in all countries as has the non-reporting of the Holocaust, 1939-1945.

A thousand book-length theses have been written on it, country by country, newspaper by newspaper - all the guilty named and dismembered.

About a dozen new theses are written every year on the subject - and probably will be till the end of time.

Or perhaps not.

Because there is all the new non-reporting, the new skeptical shoulder-shrugging, lip-curling in denial, the new could careless-ness, the new un-reporting of a new Holocaust.

This time the non-reported-seriously story is how all humanity is sleep-walking itself to its own globe-sized crematorium .

And it will become a New Generation's ready thesis material.

Time-transport the Terrence Corcorans of this world back to 1939-1945 and watch them counsel delay and inaction..

All of the Terrence Corcorans of the world will be dead by then, but haste not to erect monuments to their undying honor : they will be remembered - yes, fulsomely - but in disgust and horror.

Just as their fore bearers of 1939-1945 are today.

I personally do not doubt that if Terrence had been an editor back in 1939-1945, he would have counselled " much more detailed research and no hasty calls for action".

This, despite the news about Majdanek merely confirming five solid years of  earlier reports of Nazi mass killings of the Jews of Eastern Europe.

 He just seems to be that type of guy. Now he will deny this,  as it is de rigeur to support the Jews today among his type of political  thinkers.

But based on how he is not covering the Second Holocaust, why should anyone believe his claims about how he would have covered the First Holocaust ?

Poetic justice then, his final fate at the hands of the historians : their wheels may grind exceedingly slow, but they grind exceedingly fine and his actions during The Second Holocaust will be caught between them forever and ever.

And may I add, in my old-fashioned Catholic way : Amen .....

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