Wednesday, August 1, 2012

famous New Zealand scientist is advisor to denier group that claims Climate Change is a JEWISH conspiracy

Dr Vincent Gray PhD , a New Zealand chemist and a founder of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition, is an advisor to a well known climate change denier group, The Galileo Movement, which now faces a world-wide uproar over its claim that global warming is a JEWISH conspiracy to take over the world.

The internally deeply-fractured denier movement has held together - at least publicly - until now.

But its members now face a giant moral dilemma.

(A) renounce the anti-semitic racial slur against jews from the Galileo Movement and resign forthwith from its board ---- or (B) silently assent to this 21st century remake of the hoary old hoax The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, with its false claim that Jewish Bankers were plotting to take over the world - a claim much used by Hitler to justify the Holocaust.

A dilemma for the hitherto tolerant New Zealand culture

New Zealanders are rightly  proud of the tolerant nature of their small island culture and will not welcome to return to the terrible anti-semitic 1930s.....

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