Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On Nov 6 ,vote the SkyGod ticket : Ayn Ryan and Paul Rand

Richard M Salsman , the well known Gauleiter of Greed, has a long article in America's most read business publication, FORBES,  advocating the Gekko mantra that "GREED IS GOD" and welcoming the GOP ticket of Ayn Ryan and Paul Rand for espousing it.

Out with religion's Gods ; In with Man as the only true SkyGod ...

Truly a balanced ticket, the Libertarian couple consists of a devout Catholic and a devout Atheist both swearing eternal fidelity to each other and to the view that Man is Superman over all the undermen-like creatures of of Nature.

No better example could exist of  the continuing strength of  pre-war views of scientific Man in nature (Man as a SkyGod) than the widespread media support for Paul Ryan (and Ayn Rand's) entry into the 2012 contest for the leadership of the free world......

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