Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Claiming climate change is "a conspiracy of banking families" is NOT about bankers: it is all about FAMILIES

Putting together a cabal of a half dozen of the world's biggest modern global banks (each with a few million individual shareholders) don't make for the most credible world-wide conspiracy.

 How on earth do they all gather together to agree on a coup and how do they all keep a secret ?

Paranoid theories, to be credible, must claim the conspiracy is of a closely knit group - perhaps a secret order of Masons bound by blood oaths or better still, an extended family with members all over the world, but still bound by the blood of old fashioned ethnic family loyalty.

Paranoid conspiracy theories needs, above all, foreigners to plot it because even the brain-addled potential converts to the paranoid's scheme know that westernized families no longer display any such loyalty or willingness to keep secrets.

FAMILY is the ultimate dog-whistle code word ...

Hence "family" is the ultimate dog-whistle word for Jewish Conspiracy. The occupation of that closely knit but globally flung family is immaterial, as I suggested in my comments on Watching the Deniers, earlier this evening:

Evans’ theory is not a harmless theory about an economic conspiracy, in fact it is not about bankers at all.
Instead it is a very dangerous theory about an ethnic conspiracy , ie a conspiracy among a “closely-knit” family taking over the world , that theory could just as easily claim this tight little family group is into being world wide diamond merchants.
This what makes me so uneasy and so angry : because family IS the ultimate code word for Jewish conspiracy.
A modern global bank might have 2 million separate shareholders and it seems hard to see them all conspiring to plan a coup — and keep it a secret.
Paranoid theories absolutely need visions of “foreign” others with “old fashioned values” of “absolute family loyalty” to make their world-wide conspiracies work.
But immigrants will tell you that “old fashioned” ethnic families squabble just as much as modern western families do – if not more so !

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