Thursday, August 2, 2012

Op-Ed piece in Australia's most "left-leaning" daily by a denier who blames climate change on JEWISH bankers

It this is what Australia's most "left wing" daily will do, it is very hard to know just how Australia's "right wing" dailies can top that stunt.

Maybe by having a Op-Ed piece on climate change denial by Hitler himself , back from beyond the grave ?

The Fairfax Group-owned daily The Age is one of Australia's oldest and most distinguished publications and has been known, in recent times, as Australia's only left-leaning daily.

But coal billionaire cum climate change denier Gina Rinehart has bought a big hunk of Fairfax and installed some of her allies on its Board.

Watching the Deniers is now reporting that The Age has now published a long climate-denying op-ed piece by Dave Evans - without mentioning, in the interests of balance, objectivity and disclosure, exactly who Evans thinks is behind the whole climate change debate.

Libertarians blame climate change debate on JEWISH banking families

It just so happens that one of Gina's biggest raves is the husband and wife team of Jo Novo and Dave Evans - both who love to rave against the powers of Big Money taking over the climate change debate.

They don't mean Gina and her billionaire denier buddies though : it is all down to those traditional bete noires of the Libertarian mind set : Jewish banking families like the Rothschilds.

Anti-semitism and climate-change denial : surely a match made in Social Credit Hell .....

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