Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dutch-born Andrew Bolt : silent assent to anti-JEWISH slur or denounce fellow Aussie climate deniers ?

No occupied country in Western Europe has a more shameful record on the Holocaust than the Netherlands - a fact that must weigh heavy on Dutch-born Aussie denier Andrew Bolt.

This very well known media personality is facing the biggest moral dilemma  in his career : denounce anti-Jewish slurs from his fellow climate change deniers or silently assent to their veiled anti-semitic claims.

Andrew Bolt is a scientific advisor to the the Australian-based Galileo Movement, one of the world's best known climate denier groups.

Will he resign and denounce his fellow deniers for this veiled revival of the notorious and fake "Zion Protocol" claim that Jewish banking families were a secret cabal plotting to take over the world ?

The story of the Dutch silent assent during WWII is well known enough to heighten Dutch-born Bolt's moral dilemma

Or will he silently assent to their anti-Jewish claims, hoping to hold the internally deeply-divided denier movement together just a little longer .....

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