Thursday, August 30, 2012

Irish Catholic Republican from Wisconsin plays JOE MCCARTHY to the hilt !

My personal introduction to the FIRST Irish Catholic Republican from Wisconsin who never meet a fact he couldn't twist was in the mid 1950s - after reading a 1954 book about Pogo set in the swamps of Ogopogo and asking my mother about the character Simple J Malarkey.

McCarthyism Lives !

Mom explained as best she could to a six year old about often-charming, always devious Senator Joe McCarthy.

Cut to present day America and Joe is back - from the dead ! - cloned in the persona of Paulie-Ayn Rand , the GOP VP pick, the kid with the face of a catholic choirboy and the heart (-lessness) of a man on his way to the top, regardless of who gets in his way.

I don't know what kind of Kool-Aid Republicans drink out there in Wisconsin but avoid it like the plague - and don't drop the Acid they offer up, along with heavy metal tunes, to show they are "hep" with the 2010s......


  1. Um, so what will you say if the Romney/Ryan team wins?

    Based on the 'balanced' way CNN has been reporting at this week’s RNC, I'd say CNN is deeply worried that their hero, Osama bin Obama, is going to lose.

    Can't wait to see it happen.



  2. I think, like most elected politicians, what they will actually do when elected, is do what they promised but in a subdued, cut-down fashion.

    Romney's speech, written by Jack Benny , promises
    to hand over his life rather than his money.

    His pledge was to put four cars in two car garages and two chickens in pots meant for one - rather than slow the rise of the ocean as Obama promises to do.

    The GOP loved this idea.

    I just hope all those cars have water wings.......!

  3. "rather than slow the rise of the ocean as Obama promises to do."

    Obama promised that, and you beleived it? I think its time you had a talk wih a professional geologist about ocean rise.

    Hers' what Wikipedia says about ocean rise "Since the Last Glacial Maximum about 20,000 years ago, sea level has risen by more than 120 m (averaging 6 mm/yr) as a result of melting of major ice sheets. A rapid rise took place between 15,000 and 6,000 years ago at an average rate of 10 mm/yr which accounted for 90 m of the rise.."

    So the ocean rises an average 60cm per century for the past 20k years. And Obama has promised to slow that down. And you beleived him, wow.

    He must be a god, is he? Lol!



  4. I agree - we can slow the rise in the ocean caused by our own behavior -because we can (and did) CAUSE a similar rise in the ocean, by our own behavior.

    The rise we already caused does not go away , but we slow and finally stop new increases.

    I , too, doubt that Obama could STOP a rise in the ocean .

    Like you , I do not mentally conflate slow with stop....