Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stephen said he'd pull out, Tony stayed in , Kyoto2 had a baby : that's hardly a sin

Greg Hunt "Warmist"?
With apologizes for ruining Bruce Springsteen's wonderful song about Spare Parts with the likes of Stephen Harper and A. "Nasty" Abbott, but there really is some startling and unsettling news for Prime Minister Harper, the world's biggest climate denier.

First his fellow conservative Angela Merkel went all "warmist" on him by daring to dis him on his own home turf and visit a Dalhousie University climate change project.

Next, Eric Loughead, the co-founder of The Friends of Science, from his own home town of Calgary, for God's Sake ! - again mocked De Capo's authority by calling people who deny climate change  stupid  ,while responding to a poll that says only 2% ( yep - 2 percent!) of Canadians deny climate change.

I mean that is a fair description of Harper - but should we really mock him that brazenly in public ?

Aussie Liberal Party, like Merkel and Loughead going "WARMIST" ?

Now Harper's equivalent party Down Under, the Australian  Libertarians Liberals say, via spokesperson Greg Hunt, they are up for signing onto Kyoto 2 ; while Canada, under Harper's vigorous thrusting, has moaned "no go" on Kyoto.

It seems as if Harper's allies, his erstwhile partners in global mass destruction , like ships abandoning a sinking rat, are deserting him...

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