Friday, August 24, 2012

Todd Akins spear-carrier for fellow FULL MOON REPUBLICAN Ryan on Legitimate Rape

RYAN loves AKINS !
Please don't call Todd Akins a  FULL MOON REPUBLICAN  lunar nut case and then vote for fresh-faced Paul Ryan on Nov 6 : both support the idea of legitimate rape versus illegitimate rape when it comes to abortions ---- their record in Congress proves it.

Visuals aside, both believe in legitimate rape vs illegitimate rape

If one is a nut bar, so is the other : yes Todd Akins looks like Chuck Berry's famous caricature of a typical silver haired, inane, Southern Senator and Ryan looks like the average Catholic choir boy who has a taste for death metal and Ayn Rand but intellectually and politically they think, talk and act exactly alike.....

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