Sunday, August 12, 2012

Invasion of the WATERMELONS helps BLACK carbon overwhelm WHITE gold

Where on earth is the Ku Klux Klan when you really, really need them ?

As mass hysteria builds and hyper-firing synapses go into overdrive, the climate change conspiracy freaks and freakettes were stunned by authoritative reports than gangs of marauding alien watermelons have broken out of Area 51 and are headed due North East, intent on taking over the United Nations Building and forming a One World Government.

Along the way the watermelons have helps hordes of  BLACK carbon   "fiat"    dollars overwhelm the tiny , outnumbered, forces of WHITE gold.

Watermelons & Black carbon currency worst nightmare for White gold supremacist Ron Paul

Ron Paul has reportedly been captured, maybe even dead.

Conspiracy experts say they all stop it coming : "there has long been an affinity between watermelons and blacks , so this union of watermelons and black carbon currency should have come as a surprise to no one".

"Meanwhile, don't expect the defenders of pure white, blue-eyed, Aryan gold not to go down without a stiff fight with the dark swarthy forces of black carbon."

This report complied with the help of the Roswell New Mexico
survivalist militia and We Be Change .....

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