Thursday, August 2, 2012

Australia's best known climate denier,Jo Nova, sees "banksters" behind every climate change warning

Jo Nova
The husband and wife denier team of Jo Nova and Dave Evans are superstars of the climate denying demi-world, not just in their native Australia but everywhere in the world where the pure Anglo Saxon tongue is still celebrated.

Dave is as blunt as Galileo Movement manager Malcolm Roberts : climate change is a conspiracy put up by  Jewish banking families like the Rothschilds.

Dear Jo, the distaff denier, is of the gentler sex and settles on just blaming it on the banksters (ethnicity and religion of which is left undefined) and upon "fiat" money, that brand of money made famous by Ron Paul and his ilk.

Its an intellectual and emotional tussle as old as the modern banking system.

The fight is between those citizens who see paper money as merely a more compact versions of regular legal contracts such as their own mortgage and those who see paper money as flim-flamery and financial alchemy : "fiat money".

Most of us intuitively sense that the words on the back of old money stating "X will pay bearer $20 in gold on demand" was some sort of contract between the issuer of the note and anyone who accepted it.

As if when an Albanian teenager freely offered to buy your copy of the first Beatles album in Albanian currency at the official artificially high government-set exchange rate, you were equally free to decline to accept her offer but counter-offer the suggestion she pay you $10 in  good old American greenbacks instead.

Yes the Albanian government did issue its bank notes and set an "official" exchange rate by "fiat", but most of us can see we are equally free to reject the fiat and refuse to do business on those terms.

We sense that it takes two to have a meeting of minds and to form a contract:  an Albanian and you.

But a significant percentage of us, all throughout history, and in every nation, has refused to see money that way.

They represent, even in peaceful and prosperous times, about 15% of the voting population.

The fact that they are paranoid and suspicious about banks and money is really incidental : they are paranoid and suspicious about nearly everything and everyone . Always have been, always will be.

Two paranoias for the price of one : climate change and banksters

The same 15% is also highly suspicious about reports of global warming and man-made climate change, so it was only a matter of time before they happily put two of their favourite paranoias together.

True they could have blamed immigrants, refugees, blacks, aboriginals or homo-sex-uals for climate change but frankly this seemed , well, too global for these people to pull off .

"Let's blame stick to blaming them for non-white collar crime and rising drug use in schools."

No, only one tiny minority ethnic group has traditionally been regarded as having the moxie to pull this sort of global conspiracy off : Jews. In particular , Jewish banking families.

International banking firms are actually quite new; we have all seen those American movies where every small town has its own banker, who owns and operates a tiny one branch bank - by law.

Voters never wanted or trusted big banks and tried hard to limit their operation to one tiny geography or perhaps just one part of the overall banking industry.

But today some giant banks can and do operate all over the world : truly international. But unfortunately these various big banks aren't owned by any one somebody : rather a few million people own their shares : directly or through pension or mutual funds.

Bit hard to keep secret a plot by three million shareholders who don't know each other from Adam.

But in the old days, families of bankers did neatly sidestep the rules that restricted banks to one nation or one activity.

Brother X in Germany did investment banking inside Germany, his cousin Y did the same in England while uncle Z did retail banking in Australia and so on.

And yes, many of these real-life closely-knit banking families were Jewish.

But they weren't in fact tremendously powerful, partly because there was widespread suspicion of them, both as Jews and as international bankers .

The truly powerful cabals in the pre-war era were world-wide industrial cartels run by WASPS , but even there there were always cartel members tempted to go off the range, so to speak.

The paranoid 15%, a competitive and entrepreneurial lot, can't get along with each other but somehow they can't accept that other people at least as competitive and as entrepreneurial as themselves, mightn't stay united in a cabal for very long either.

Climate change acceptors should never be reduced to discussing or debating science with these 15 percenters ,  they should be dissecting the deniers' free-floating paranoia instead .

Turn over their stones and you'll find an endless list of objects for their year-round "HATE WEEK"  : climate change is but one of many......

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