Saturday, August 11, 2012

"Wake Up Call Channel 2" is absolutely certain about everything , including today's JEWISH conspiracy

We Are Strange , Austin
Abstract : "David de Rothschild  & the Global Warming Hoax" : this brief video is the most insightful autobiography I have ever had to endure.

VIDEO REVIEW : Reading a scientific article can be very frustrating : the authors seem to be so,so cautious about asserting that anything can be known for absolute certainty.

I mean, I know that reality is actually like that : as uncertain as the weather is three days from now - but do we really want to have to read or listen to all that uncertainty in our off-hours ?

Why not just grab a beer and a sofa and wallow in ten free minutes of absolutely 100 % total certainties.

Relax, turn off your brain : you are about to enter a Certitude-Only Zone....

But. But if you are skeptical of easy answers, if you historian-oriented (as I am) it is in fact very very hard indeed to have to listen to conspiracy theorists.

These dudes are just so certain about everything and anything : non-stop certitudes delivered smoothly, slickly, at about one every five seconds - for 10 interminable minutes.

As autobiography,  Wake Up Call Channel 2's YouTube video on David de Rothschild's supposed plot to take over the world for the Jews via the Global Warming "scam", is a fascinating CAT SCAN through the hyper-active neurons and  synapses of a world-class world-conspiracy-freak .

I am referring to the fellow who wrote it and probably narrated it (at breakneck speed).

I mean, as a super bookworm and over my long life, I have probably read more words than the population of China has had hot dinners, but Thank God, I don't remember much of it.

I mean, I do believe it all did enter my brain cells, but most of it did not stay long and it certainly did not all connect up in one big ball of wax.

My brain - like your brain - is wired imperfectly, perhaps by kindly divine design.

I do not lie awake nights, unable to sleep as all my neurons and synapses connect to each other , finding connections between anything and everything I ever read or saw or smelt or touched or tasted.

I don't know how it happened that my brain cells don't do that : perhaps unfortunately my mother choose not to drink , smoke or have sex with strange men during my pregnancy, I don't know.

"The snatchers have taken over our fluoridated water, and now our watermelons : our bodies are next..." ---- James Delingpole, fabulist

But some of us are blessed with a sixth sense : an uncanny ability to see connections under beds, in the fluoridated water, through the radio, inside watermelons (!) : whatever.

And they are now leading the denier-charge to prevent us being enslaved by a Jewish environmentalist conspiracy to use some easily-faked signs of global warming (Greenland ice cap and mid-west corn fields) to trick us into giving our rights to own guns and cheat on our taxes.

Don't let THEM do it to us . (Cue the Fifties cheesy SF movie music.)

Go now children -run !!!! -  and scream it from car to car :

 "They're here , already ! " "You're next !" "You're next !"

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