Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Canadian denier Tim Ball scientific advisor to denier group that says climate change is a JEWISH conspiracy

Well known Canadian climate change denier Tim Ball is at the very top of a list of scientific advisors to the Australian based climate change denier group, The Galileo Movement , whose managing director Malcolm Roberts says that climate change science has been "captured" by some of the world's "major banking families" who form a "tightly knit cabal".

Such coded phrases are known in Australia as "dog whistle words" because they reference terms that it now illegal or offensive to state openly.

In the best Hollywood fashion, a 21st century re-make of infamous "Zion Protocols"

This coded reference to the1920s faked book," The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", made famous the age-old claim that Jewish bankers had a plot to take over the world.

The claim has now apparently been updated for the 21st century by claiming that it will be done now via controlling the science of climate change : it is left unsaid whether Jewish bankers will actually write peer-reviewed articles for NATURE and SCIENCE to achieve total world domination,  or merely fund their writing.

At this hour, it is not clear whether Tim Ball will immediately resign from and denounce the Galileo Movement for its anti-semitic tenor, or wait until various  groups like the Canadian B'nai B'rith to publicly convince him to do so.....


  1. Isn't Dr Ball a genius?

  2. Well, he seems to have a genius for obscuration : does that count ?