Friday, August 3, 2012

freeze in PLUTONIUM WINTER or fry in CARBON SUMMER : in today's free market, consumers always have a choice, a DIRE choice

Just as military organizations once assured us that we had so many nuclear bombs that humanity could suicide itself 10 X over , the carbon organizations are now reassuring us that they are already pumping up and digging up enough carbon reserves to let us suicide ourselves 5 X over .

In today's free market, consumers always have a (false) choice : freeze to death in a Plutonium Winter or fry to death in a Carbon Summer.

Stagflation versus Stability : our real choice

In fact, as consumers, we do have another (moral) choice.

One, time-tested, approach is endless, if intermittent, economic growth like a boom-or-bust cancer tumor , the stagflation we all have grown up under . (See Plutonium Winter or Carbon Summer for more details on how it has been working out for us.)

The other, totally new, approach seeks the stability of a steady state economy where only happiness is allowed to grow exponentially. (Call it this century's GREAT WORK.)

Ignore the false choice of "Freeze or Fry" .

It is stagflation or stability : morally that is our only choice.....

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