Saturday, August 11, 2012

"DR STRANGELOVE" of the global-warming-Jewish-flouridation-vaccination-9/11-conspiracy-plot is long overdue

let's NUKE the warmists !
Listen up, people ! Particularly people of the-Babylon-that-is-Hollywood.

A new 21st century "DR STRANGELOVE" is long, long, long overdue.

But not a re-make of  "fluoride in our water is destroying the vital gonads of the cold-war warrior race" .

No, rather a new one : all about the mad, wacky, bizarre world of  those millions of climate deniers who firmly believe that global-warming-is-all-a-Jewish-vaccination/fluoridation -9/11-conspiracy-plot.

The hitherto hidden racism of those who believe in global warming...

A sinister plot to take over the world and make black carbon and not white gold the basis of the new world order currency of terror.

(Er : shouldn't it be the Negroes ,rather than the Hebs , in charge of this particular black vs white paranoia ?)

It could be a docudrama torn from the pages (er, frames) of YouTube videos and body-snatching podcasts.

True, it could prove a bit hard to exceed these videos' own self-satirizing efforts : out of the mouths of wack jobs, as they say.

But trust the dinosaurs of the newspaper demi-world to get it so totally wrong : by focusing on the science of the deniers, when really - by their own words - it is really all about conspiracies of world domination.

Hmmm , I wonder what Ed Riche or Rick Mercer is up to these days - or the Donovans, for that matter ...

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