Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Climate Change a JEWISH conspiracy says group that famous scientist Fred Singer, who fled Hitler, now advises

The famous scientist Fred Singer who fled Austria with his Jewish parents just ahead of Hitler's troops, now finds himself in the centre of a racial slur maelstrom swirling around the well known Australian climate change denier group, The Galileo Movement.

Singer, along with other Jewish-born scientists like Richard Lindzen , is a scientific advisor to the group whose managing director, Malcolm Roberts, told Ben Cubby from Australia's biggest newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald, that climate change science has been "captured" by some of the world's major "banking families" who form a "tightly-knit cabal".

Singer's moral dilemma : defend his Jewish heritage against his fellow climate deniers or silently assent to their claim...

So Singer is now torn ---- torn between defending his jewish heritage against this re-tooled Zion Protocols slur from fellow deniers, or ignore it to remain in the fight with the anti-semites against global warming.

When Jewish NGOs (B'nai B'rith etc) that defend against anti-semitic remarks get wind of this growing controversy, they will add even greater public pressure on Singer to denounce his anti-semitic fellow deniers and resign forthwith from The Galileo Movement scientific advisory board.....


  1. How can Singer advise a group that says climate change is a jewish plot - has the man no conscience - what would his mother and father say ?

  2. Singer isn't particularly known as "a Jew who also happens to be a scientist" - so he may not give a damn.