Sunday, August 12, 2012

Memo to EZRA LEVANT : astro turf actually IS made out of Tar & Sand

Ezra being ethical....
No one - least of all Ezra Levant himself - would ever delude the world into thinking the man has one clue about science. Fair enough : on science, as on life in general, the man is a complete and  utter naif.

 But does it really require a science degree to ascertain the composition of astro turf, before Ezra defends his pro-Tar Sands lobby group so abusively against all possible association with the term "astro-turfing" ?

The most popular brand of astro turf, made by Tarkett Inc and going under the brand name of FieldTurf , proudly 'fesses up to  being made from petroleum-based polyethylene and polypropylene over a base of sand : petroleum tar and sand.


Considering all the donations gets from people associated with the Tar Sands and petro-chemical industry, one would hope that some day young Mr Ezra learns enough table manners to treat his patrons with due respect and not dis their product so baldly.

astro turf is made from Oil Tar and Sand : an awkward - but Ethical - fact

Face it , Mr Levant, if the Tar Sands are Ethical - as you yourself proclaim both night and day - then the products made from oil tar and sand are ethical  as well.

So cease and desist from abusing the word "astro turf" and "astroturfing"  forthwith : or some very heavy lawyers from deep inside the astro turf manufacturing industry might just be around with a nasty writ ..........

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