Friday, August 24, 2012

Tampa fears FULL MOON Republicans more than hurricane

Akins' FULL MOON Republicanism
Forget the hurricane threatening to wreck the GOP convention in Tampa ---- worry more ,America, about whether there will be a FULL MOON up in the sky whenever the Tea Party (hello Todd Akins!) wing takes over the microphone.

"Vipers inside our Nest" is how many long time Republican members are feeling about the Tea Party's takeover of the grand old party, because they put their own personal hubris and self interest against the hubris and self interest of the entire party.

The Tea Party cum Full Mooners hope the GOP's Tampa platform will formalize the distinction between "Legitimate Rapes" and "Illegitimate Rapes".

(Apparently, the feeling is that legitimate rapes are those performed against white or colored women by white, protestant , native born Americans while illegitimate rapes are all those performed by darkies and foreigners against white women.)

Todd Akins is typical of the new sort of FULL MOON Republican - one never quite knows what his synapses and neurons will lead his tongue muscles to say when the moon is full and shines across his optical nerve.

Australian PM Julia Gillard has taken to calling the conspiracy-prone right "The Lunar Right" and while I prefer "Full Mooners", we are sort of united in agreeing that conspiracy theories and being conservative-minded seem to go together.

Sort of, because I hold that all of today's conservatives are united only in defending yesterday's Modernity ----- which intellectually almost forces its adherents to blame every change and catastrophe on humans,  not Nature.

Conspiracy-prone ? Don't blame Moon , blame Modernity.

And since under the tenets of Modernity, Nature can't change, when millions of decent people sincerely believe that it is changing, the only possible explanation is that they have been
deluded by secretive evil conspirators.

When the rational part of your brain sets you up to expect conspiracies under every bed and inside every watermelon, it only takes the brief flicker of faint moonlight to set the psychic  storm in motion : Tampa be afraid, very afraid....

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