Wednesday, August 8, 2012

is Galileo Movement or is Climate Change a "JEWISH" Cabal ? writes "Confused in Eastbourne"

Dear "Confused in Eastbourne" :

You are not alone in your confusion. But neither are you a mainstream journalist either , ignoring this story completely.

The Galileo Movement is Australia's best known and most active climate changing denying group. Its list of scientific advisors is a virtual "Who's Who" of the global climate denying elite.

Its managing director, Malcolm Roberts, quoting two of those scientific advisors, Jo Nova and Dave Evans, says the whole climate change fuss was cooked up by big banking families, a close-knit cabal, "banksters" as Jo calls them, to secure total world domination.

Google to the rescue, "Confused in Eastbourne", those are code words - dog whistle words - for Jewish banking families seeking total world domination.

As Dave says, the Rothschilds, in case someone forgot the secret translating box.

But now this , in the comments section below Andrew Bolt's column in the Melbourne Australia  Herald Sun
I can’t speak for Malcolm Roberts but can say with intimate first hand knowledge that one of the co-founders of the Galileo Movement - John Smeed (my father-in-law),has been happily married to his lovely Jewish wife for over 20 years. 

The fact that The Age seeks to slur non-conformists by association with National Socialism says more about them ( and the strength of their argument) than it does the Galileo Movement.

Jim from Brisbane of Sherwood Qld (Reply)
Sun 05 Aug 12 (04:57pm)

Now "Confused from Eastbourne" you are astute because you noticed in the website of  The Galileo Movement that Mr Smeed's wife is given prominent credit for being willing to risk all the family assets of this retired couple, to fund a tour of Australia by a foreign denier.

So clearly, she gave The Galileo Movement and its anti-semites her 110%,  as they say in SportsJockLand.

Wait ! There's more !!!!

Fred Singer and Richard Lindzen , both of whose relatives suffered and died under Hitler's extermination of Europe's Jews, also are listed as scientific advisors to The Galileo Movement.

Perhaps you are right, "Confused from Eastbourne", those Rothschilds must have done something spectacular to get these three Jews so dead set against them and acting like there is some truth to Henry Ford's old "Protocols of the Zionist Elders" world conspiracy talk after all.

It is all a highly interesting story, "Confused from Eastbourne", but don't expect to see it in any mainstream newspaper.

All of them have given those Galileo scientific advisors wide credibility by quoting them as "scientific experts" on the other side of the 97% scientific consensus on global warming, in a misguided excuse at "objectivity".

Exposing their so called experts as supporting anti-semitic conspiracy theories would only make these newspapers appear to be fools.

And what would be the point of that ?

Their readers, better than anyone else, already knew that --- years ago.

Sorry I can't be anymore hopeful,

yours sincerely,

M. R. Marshall

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