Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Readfearn & DeSmogBlog pile on Galileo Deniers for "JEWISH" conspiracy talk

Wasn't it Disraeli who said the piccolo of his protest would  scarcely be audible next to the deep rumbles of the big pipes of that august organ of public opinion, The Times of London (editorial) leader ?

SkyGods vs earthings and Watching The Deniers don't even cut the weight of a piccolo,  in the climate-change-believing/ climate-denier-combating world.

But Vancouver's DeSmogBlog : oh my my !

True heavies : read and even quoted by the , ahem, real journalists on the soon-to-declare-bankruptcy metropolitan newspaper chains.

Graham Readfearn has a piece in DeSmogBlog on the dog whistle words coding for " Jewish Bankster World Domination Conspiracy " emanating out of MD Malcolm Roberts of Australia's leading climate denier group, The Galileo Movement.

Now perhaps we might expect the dinosaurs of the media world to engage on this juicy story , n'est pas ?

Non, mon ami .

The din-o-saurs fell over themselves to quote these Galileo Movement mavericks as "scientific experts" questioning the 97% global scientific consensus on the reality of human-caused climate change.

The last refuge of a journalistic coward is "objectivity"

Its all down to that din-o-saur benchmark of objectivity : "unfair, old boy, to let the Jews have all the innings whenever we discuss Auschwitz - can't you round up a Neo-Nazi or two to offer a rebuttal, or are they all off busy killing Sikhs ?"

Embarrassing to publicly admit your scientific experts are advisors to a group with anti-semitic beliefs.

Still we might expect perhaps George Monbiot to run an article on the story in The Guardian Online in a week or so, and it might gradually - oh so gradually - find traction.

Or perhaps not  :  in which case it is back to Mike at WTD to do some more heavy lifting......

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