Thursday, August 16, 2012

Big Oil Astroturfer Eric Loughead says people who deny climate change are "stupid"

TarSand or BullShit ?
Extremely well known astroturfer Eric Loughead , co-founder of Calgary's "Friends of Big Oil Science", startled the Canadian Press agency's Jennifer Graham by calling people who DENY climate change "stupid" .

Loughead was responding to an online polling survey of 1550 Canadians that found that only 2% of those who responded denied that climate change is happening.

Eric Loughead a "warmist" ; say it ain't so !

Is denier - cum - skeptic Loughead actually going all "warmist" on us, like Angela Merkel ?

Well, not exactly : but do read it all and see if you detect a slight shifting in position among the "deny,deny,delay,delay" crowd.....

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